Welcome to Aromatherapy Essentials, the internet's first and finest source for clinical aromatherapy. At Aromatherapy Essentials we use only the highest quality pure essential oils to create a blend individual to you and your needs.

Essential oils were used for thousands of years by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians to treat a wide range of physical ailments and emotional disorders such as stress and anxiety. The oils can either be massaged into the skin to aid the body systems and initiate the healing process eg, improving circulation or healing wounds or by inhalation which works on the olfactory system in the brain. Odours have psychological effects and are known to have a considerable affect on our emotions and memories and can ease tension and have antidepressant properties. Clinical Aromatherapy ,as defined by the Aromatherapy Organisations Council is “the systematic use of essential oils in holistic treatments to improve physical and emotional wellbeing”. Each essential oil has it’s own specific properties and therapeutic benefits but they can also be mixed together in a holistic, harmonious blend which has all the properties to suit the individuals needs as a whole (mind,body,emotions) and not just one specific problem. The needs of the whole person are taken into account.

At Aromatherapy Essentials we create custom-blended oils for you to use at home. Fill in the consultation form to allow us to blend an oil for you or visit the store to choose from one of our many pre-blended products.

Clinical Consultations

Consultations are available online by completing a simple health questionnaire. This is then processed and a custom blended oil is sent to your door for you to use. Click for consultations.

Pre-blended oils

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